Monday, June 30, 2008

Venturi Tube and Wet-Type Vacuum Pump Systems

Venturi Tube Systems
Aircraft that do not have a pneumatic pump to evacuate the instrument cases can use venture tubes mounted on the outside of the aircraft, similar to the system shown in figure 3-26: "A venture tube". Air flowing through these tubes speeds up in the narrowest part, and according to Bernoulli's principle, the pressure drops. This location is connected to the instrument case by a piece of tubing. The two attitude instruments operate on approximately 4" Hg suction; the turn-and-slip indicator needs only 2" Hg, so a pressure-reducing needle valve is used to decrease the suction. Filtered airflow's into the instruments through filters built into the instrument cases. In this system, ice can clog the venturi tube and stop the instruments when they are most needed.
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Wet-Type Vacuum Pump Systems
Steel-vane air pumps have been used for many years to evacuate the instrument cases. The discharge air is used to inflate rubber deicer boots on the wing and empennage leading edges. The vanes in these pumps are lubricated by a small amount of engine oil metered into the pump and this oil is discharged with the air. To keep the oil from deteriorating the rubber boots, it must be removed with an oil separator like the one in figure 3-27: "Single-engine instrument vacuum system".
The vacuum pump moves a greater volume of air than is needed to supply the instruments with the suction needed, so a suction-relief valve is installed in the inlet side of the pump. This spring-loaded valve draws in just enough air to maintain the required low pressure inside the instruments, as is shown on the suction gauge in the instrument panel. Filtered air enters the instrument cases from a central air filter. As long as aircraft fly at relatively low altitudes, enough air is drawn into the instrument cases to spin the gyros at a sufficiently high speed.


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